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FREE AutoCAD Student Version 36 month lease

Students enrolling in our AutoCAD internet class are eligible for a 36 month student version of AutoCAD 2011 for use in our classes. Note you MUST REGISTER AND ENROLL in the Fundamentals internet class to be eligible. Before downloading the student version make sure you have the minimum computer requirements.

The procedure for downloading the software and enrolling in the course is as follows:

  1. Enroll in the Fundamentals of AutoCAD course here. Select AutoCAD 2011 as the software you are going to use on the registration form.
  2. After you have enrolled YOU need to SEND AN E-MAIL to
  3. You will be contacted with information on how to join the AutoDESK student community and how to download the software approximately one week before the class begins.

The Autodesk Student Version software incorporates all the functionality of AutoCAD professional licenses, but includes a print banner making the software inappropriate for professional, commercial, or for-profit purposes. Autodesk Student Version software may not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes. Thirty-six month licenses of Autodesk student software are not eligible for product upgrade or transfer to a commercial license. View print banner sample.

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