1. Using the DDSTYLE command, create the following text styles for use in a architectural C size prototype drawing. Use the ONE of the following: City Blueprint, Country Blueprint or ITLALICT.SHX font file for all styles.
  2. Style Name Size Use
    CIBT4" 4" Dimensions and tables.
    CIBT6" 6" Column divisions in tables.
    CIBT12" 12" Table Headings
  3. Create the window and door schedule shown in the figure below.
  4. Center the numbers in the W, H, and QUAN. areas using MIDDLE justification.
  5. Align the remaining text using the ML option. This stands for Middle Left, and will begin the text aligned to the left, centered around the middle.
  6. Save the drawing as SCHEDULE.DWG. This door and window schedule will be used in another upcoming assignment.